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Materials we used

The world’s strongest fiber The world’s strongest fiber
Armor-Tex® is the world’s strongest fiber (15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis)
It is a High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) fiber made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The Armor-Tex® is much thinner and more flexible than traditional materials, such as Kevlar or Twaron, while offering twice the level of protection demanded for the highest class in EN 388 standards.
High tech for your body. The IMMUNETEX® membrane is at the heart of all IMMUNETEX® products. It is completely wind and waterproof, but permeable for water vapor. The result: water from the outside will never penetrate, cold winds cannot pass through and perspiration can escape easily. This is why your body always stays dry and comfortable with IMMUNETEX® products.
Kevlar® brand fiber is an innovative technology from DuPont that combines high strength with light weight to help dramatically improve the performance of a variety of consumer and industrial products.
Nomex® has an ideal balance of properties for use in flame resistant clothing, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment.
PrimaLoft® insulation products offer superior performance for high quality cold–weather gear. PrimaLoft is lightweight, breathable with excellent water repellency so you remain dry, warm and comfortable even under the most extreme conditions.
Thermolite Thermolite
Thermolite is DuPont's Microfiber insulation for down-like softness and warmth. It is make from a patented blend of fine microfibers for superior performance at blocking radiant heat loss.
Coolmax Coolmax
Coolmax is hydrophobic polyester by DuPont. It's unique four-channel fibre is water repellent and it quickly wicks the moisture from the skin by means of vapour evaporation to upper layer of material, that keeping weare's body warm, dry and comfortable
YKK is worldwide famous, top quality, durable, water proof zippers in outdoor products.
Teflon Teflon
Teflon is material by DuPont which providing wearer of stain & soiling protection, It helps keep fabrics looking newer longer. Liquid spills bead up and roll off, and ground-in stains are released during cleaning.
Softshell Softshell
Softshell is a bonded stretch woven at top and micro fleece underside with a membrane in between, which give wearer feeling of soft , abrasion resistant and low weight material providing extended range of motion, high breathability, waterproof and windproof qualities, making it fit for all weather conditions
Material we used
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