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In this competitive world where there are plenty of alternatives available, is very tough to maintain the quality of the products as a firm. Regardless of the time, Top-skin Gloves of Spain is one of the leading enterprise in manufacturing the hand wears or hand gloves. The product includes military gloves, tactical gloves, fire resistant gloves etc.

Over many years, we are effortlessly producing the top quality products at reasonable price to our customers for a handy comfort whether for the use in war or in day-to-day life. The capacity of producing 800,00 pairs of the gloves really helps in boosting the export figures over many regions especially in Europe, North-America, South East Asia, Middle-East Asia, Africa etc.

To meet the expectations of the customers, we use finest material like Armortex, Nomex, Coolmax, Soft shells, Kevlar etc to produce the combat size gloves for the military and fire fighters. On account of the advanced technique, we have built a good reputation over many areas especially over the Barcelona and near by countries.

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Custom Gear / OEM Solutions

TOP-SKIN GLOVES is one the the global leaders in tactical gloves. At the core of our business is the meticulous obsession to provide the highest quality apparel, nylon goods, and injection molded gear to customers around the world. In addition to providing end users with premiere branded tactical gear, TOP-SKIN GLOVES  provides custom designed or OEM gear to meet the needs of specialized military units, government agencies and manufacturers in a variety of industries.  TOP-SKIN GLOVES’s extensive knowledge of battle proven materials, design capabilities and streamlined production processes combine to offer an excellent source for custom or OEM products.  TOP-SKIN GLOVES offers full-scale, ISO-registered, volume manufacturing capabilities, including 3 separate domestic manufacturing facilities. TOP-SKIN GLOVES can handle everything from scheduling and procurement, to assembly and testing, to kitting and stocking, to handling and shipping.
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